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Open Letter to Sir Moshe Montefiore. London, [1875]. First Edition. Opposing the Detractors of the Jewish Settlement in Jerusalem

Open letter to Sir Moses Montefiore, from Rabbi Meir Auerbach ztz"l and Rabbi Shmuel Salant ztz"l, heads of the Ashkenazi Beit Din of Jerusalem, 1875. On the occasion of Montefiore's arrival in Jerusalem. Accompanied by a description of his visit to Israel. London, 1875.

A long letter from the rabbis intended to dispel the harsh criticism of the Jewish (especially the Ashkenazi) community in Jerusalem which appeared in publications in London, following the visit of delegation from London in Israel. The delegation portrayed the Jewish yishuv as being in a state of great poverty, with no employment in trade, dependent on others and not productive, unclean, sick, and with no orderly leadership. In their letter, the rabbis refute the delegation's claims one by one, and inform Montefiore about the true condition of the Jews through direct acquaintance with the yishuv. It is known that Montefiore himself supported the view of these rabbis, against the denigrators, and he funded the printing of the book in London. The rabbis address Montefiore with many honorifics: "And now the prince and president of our land", "Our master the prince", "We have established a prayer on your behalf, for Hash-m to guard your going and coming" and more.

A picture of Montefiore from the 19th century is attached to the beginning of the book. Original blue cardboard binding with gilded decorations and writing on the Hebrew and English title pages. Gilded page cut.

148 pages. 24 cm. 148 pages in English, with a special title page for the English section: An Open Letter to Sir Moses Montefiore, Bartt.

Very fine condition.