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Large postcard collection - Palestine, start of the 20th century

Collection with 100 postcards depicting Palestine, various publishers, start of the 20th century.

* 57 postcards published by the Eliyahu brothers. Cities, sites and images of Palestine: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Safed, Haifa, Mikveh Yisrael, Kefar Yechezkel, Ein Charod, Nachlat Yehuda, Beit Alfa, Tel Chai, Menachemiah, Metula, Tiberias, Mishmar HaYarden, photo postcard of High Commissioner Sir Herbert Samuel and more.

* 14 postcards published by Moshe Ordman; scenes and sites in Tel Aviv, Yaffo, Haifa, Jerusalem and more.

* 22 postcards published by S. Adler, Haifa; chalutzim, scenery in cities throughout Palestine.

* Souvenir of the Holy Land. Binder with seven postcards depicting Jerusalem and other cities in the Holy Land.

Postcards in color and black and white, Some were posted. Most postcards are in fine condition, the others are in moderate-fine condition.