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Lot 282

Non-traditional haggada. Kibbutz Beit HaShitah, 1945

Non-traditional haggada. All the pages have a double border. At the press of HaKibbutz HaMeuchad, Ein Charod.

The haggada opens with stanzas from an original poem regarding redemption from exile. Page 15 features the start of lengthy text relating to exile amongst the nations in general, and specifically regarding the Holocaust in current terms: "We were slaves in every generation and in every place we were dispersed amongst the nations, rotting in the darkness of exile, enslaved for jubilees and jubilees in all ends of the land...tens of thousands of people were slaughtered, generations of children were oppressed for bread, the insult of a depressed nation, burnt for the freedom of thought and conscience....the open war kills tens of thousands. The evil of the world for generations girds its strength for the test of entire nation, our nation is wallowing in its blood, brought to slaughter. "The entire land is a gallows" this day - a day that there was no other one like it for evil from the day that we went into exile, a day of non-stop fears and a lack of trust in the continued existence of all the remnants..."

It later includes passages related to the rejuvenation of the Jewish Nation in its land: "and now we have come up to cast off the yoke of exile and to make for us a new land and new skies with a strong hand and loyal arm, to find a rest for the palms of our feet and renew our covenant with this land...even if seven fall, we will stand up and be encouraged...until the day arrives when our flag will be the flag of the liberated society..." and more.

22 pages. 19 cm. Missing the second title page. The jacket title is stained.

Fine condition.