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Foot Protectors Australian Army in Eretz Israel, early 20th century

A pair of Foot Protectors that belonged to a soldier who served in the Australian army in Palestine during the First World War.

During the occupation of the country by the Egyptian Expeditionary Force during the First World War, some of the components of the force were Australian Army soldiers, they held Australian riding divisions and ANZAC, knowing that the Australian soldiers played an important role in liberating the country from the Turks and their simplicity and friendliness soon liked the Jewish community in Palestine "In Nahum Gutman's book 'The Trail of Orange Peels' - a The book was written in the spirit of the period, he describes Australians their kindness and generosity to give charity to the beggars, and who were grateful to the inhabitants of the country for every good thing. Anzac Hand in the Barry Forest, W. The Australian Soldier's Park in the 11th neighborhood of Be'er Sheva. The historical pictures of the Australian cavalry assault on the city of Beer-sheva clearly distinguish the foot shields in front of us.

Length: 35 cm.

Good condition.