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Lot 346

Mishnayot Kodshim, Wilhermsdorf 1725. The Copy of Rabbi Naftali Hertz Weisel, Glosses

Mishanyot order of Kodshim, Wilhermsdorf 1725. On page 5 is an ownership inscription: "The small one Naftali Hertz Weisel" and a number of leaves with glosses in his handwriting.

Naftali Hertz Weisel [1725-1805], an interesting and controversial figure, a linguist and Hebrew poet, considered to be one of the fathers of the Enlightenment movement. His work "Divrei Shalom V'Emmet" caused a great polemic between the early members of the Enlightenment and the community Rabbis in Europe due to him presenting a value system considered to be new in which the value of "person" came before the value of "Jew".

Large worming holes, primarily in the first leaves. A few worming holes in the book's leaves. Brown leaves. Stains.

Moderate condition.