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Manuscript - Yemenite Jewry Against Ben Gurion, Agudat Yisrael and the Knesset Factions. 1950's

A handwritten indictment in the name of nine families from the Pardiya transit camp, expressing their disappointment regarding various unfulfilled promises regarding their welfare in Israel which were made by various governmental entities, and their intention to return to the diaspora - to Yemen or to America, as a result. There are statements in the letter against Ben Gurion and the Moshav movement on the one hand, and against Agudat Yisrael on the other hand, as they both promised to assist them and let them down. Many spelling mistakes. Unidentified writer.

The elegy begins with the words: "I will open my mouth to speak to my Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion... David Ben Gurion... promised us on Tuesday that he would arrange for us to be in Masmiya... and he is only laughing at us...". Harsh criticism of Agudat Yisrael is later in the letter: "Agudat Yisrael will show us the place and only lies to us. We regret voting for the trustworthy Agudat Yisrael." The Daled List: "We went to Tel Aviv to search for the Daled list, they are tidying up the hospital..." and more. Due to their despair of the various parties, the writer writes: "We request that the government takes us back to Yemen... or to America which has something for everyone. It is a shame that we lost money on the way to the office and now this government does not have mercy... it is a shame that we listened to the advice of the tricksters..." and more.

Handwritten on cardboard, written on both sides, 42x15 cm.

Slight peelings. Fine condition.