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"Shkiat HaChamah" - Memorial book - the Admor of Satmar - Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum. Brooklyn, 1980

Thick memorial book, rich with content, about the Admor of Satmar, Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum. "Sefer Zikaron" publishing, Brooklyn, 1980.

The book was published about a half year after the passing of the Admor and it includes dozens of photos of the Admor throughout his life [including a picture of the Admor in the death camp], pictures from the funeral, newspaper articles published after his passing [Israeli and American papers], dozens of mourning announcements from various personalities and institutions, rabbinical eulogies [including the eulogies of Rabbi Wosner, Rabbi Shach, the Admor of Toldot Aharon and many others]. Uncommon.

279, 56 pages. 31 cm.

Very fine condition.