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Non-Traditional Haggada - Kibbutz Givat HaShlosha, [1939]

Non-traditional Haggada with many current texts. Stencil print with illustrations.

Along with original spring songs there are difficult passages related to the Holocaust, which was then just beginning: "Like this day, a day on which with our own eyes we see the degeneration of the progeny of Abraham, in all the ghettos to where they were banished, the disintegration of the nation, the emptiness of its content and the black death that waits in ambush, has come upon it. The depths of the suffering of giant death pains..." Additionally includes detailed passages related to particular events: "It is a joke to believe, that it is possible to win with war the situation that the German Nation has created. The barbarians and Facists are shining their swords. They played a dehumanizing game with the Republic of Czechoslovakia. We want to tell the Czech that we are embarrassed of this game, that hundreds of thousands of citizens in our homeland are embarrassed of it..32 months and 9 days the campaign took place in Spain, this difficult lengthy war left 1.3 million dead in battles...2.7 million injured and 0.4 million citizens that were killed by the victors, 3 million souls left without a blood and fire... General Franco broke with the help of the Facists .....signs of murder and destruction can be seen on every step of the land.."

It also discusses Jewish building in Palestine in face of the losses in Europe: "Unending darkness for the Jews, without...but we are not in despair....our life in this land is an expression of the efforts of a large Jewish force, but in contrast to our land stands the Russian Diaspora. Jews of Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania live only a life of depression...we have come to summarize in numbers and said: 36 additional settlements on the map of this land, 33 on the map of the Keren Kayemeth L'israel and 31 on the map of the Histadrut HaOvid, 85 thousand dunams have been settled, over 2200 families have immigrated to their land, over 3300 people..." Additionally includes an appeal "to the entire Jewish nation in all countries "Carry these days the appeal and cry of the organized Jewish settlement: Stand up and defend yourselves!"

The haggada concludes with a lengthy, five-stanza passage that opens with an illustrated title page with the title "Megilat HaGivah" describing various events that led to the foundation of Kibbutz Givat HaShlosha, starting in 1923 when its first goals were written, the initial settlement on the land until a unified group was formed. The entire story appears within an illustrated border of a scroll, and more.

Givat HaShlosha is a kibbutz that belongs to the Kibbutz Movement. It is located east of Petach Tikvah. It was named for the three Petach Tikvah workers who were accused of spying during the First World War: Menachem Grolech, Shmuel Streipler and Eizik Maring. The three were sent by the Ottoman government to prison in Damascus where they were tortured until they died. The kibbutz was founded in May 1952 by some members belonging to the "HaChalutz", "Achva" and "Maavar" movements. At the end of the 1920s, a large group of laborers from Kibbutz Chotzvei Ha'avanim in Klesow, Poland joined them.

30 leaves. 16x21 cm. Stains to the jacket title page. The title page and two last leaves are detached. The body of the haggada is in very fine condition.