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"Encampment of the Alloeen in Wady Araba." Colored Lithograph by David Roberts. Signed and Dated in the Plate. Published by F.G. Moon. London, 1842

Encampment of the Alloeen in Wady Araba by David Roberts. Signed, titled and dated in the plate. Published by F.G. Moon. London, 1842.

David Roberts [1796-1864] was an English artist. He was a pioneer who came to draw in Palestine in order to distribute his works amongst the Europeans. Roberts visited Palestine between 1838-1840 and painted scenes from the Holy Land in watercolors and oils. His are the most beautiful works from the time. When he returned to Britain, he prepared lithographs from his works with Louis Haghe, between 1842-1849

Size: 43x37 cm. Stains. Fine condition.