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Lot 439

Iggerot Sofrim, Vienna-Budapest, 1928. First Edition

A work by Rabbi Shlomo Sofer Av Beit Din of Beraksaz about his ancestors from the Eiger and Sofer family - Rabbi Akiva Eiger, the Chatam Sofer, Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Binyamin Sofer, Rabbi Moshe Sofer, and letters from Rabbi Simcha Bunim Sofer.


.Includes portraits, photographs and facsimiles of manuscripts


.Later editions of the book omitted some of the facsimiles, photographs, and manuscripts. Very rare


.Original binding with gold embossing on the spine

 The facsimiles and photographs are in very fine condition, some stains on the leaves of the book, a pasting mark on the book's spine.