Auction Participation


Clients interested in participating in our auctions must complete a simple, three-stage process:

1. Sign-up via our website or contact our office to receive a participating number
2. Decide which items are of interest to you. We suggest attendance at our pre-auction exhibition and physical inspection of each item. If you cannot attend in person, call or email our staff to receive additional information about the items of interest to you.
3. Decide on a method of participation: attendance at auction; telephone participation; on-line participation; or submission of a written bid.




Attendance at Auction

You've decided to come to the hall and enjoy the auction experience?
Pick up your participation number at the entrance to the hall.
We suggest that new clients register a few days prior to the auction to ensure smooth receipt of an auction participation number. Last-minute registration can cause unpleasant delays.


Telephone Participation

Our representatives will be happy to call you during the auction and bid for you via the telephone. For this arrangement, please send a written request by email or fax with the numbers and title of the lots in which you are interested. Please make sure to send in your request at least one day prior to the auction. Include a telephone number, plus area codes, where you can be reached during the auction. A telephone participation form is located at the end of our catalogue. This option is provided free of charge by our auction house.


On-Line Participation

On-line participation is available via through Our site, after registration and receipt of a participation number and password. The system provides a live broadcast of the auction and allows one to feel as if they are present in the hall. Each participant is given a number which he can use to compete in our auction. The system is extremely user-friendly. It is a winning solution for those who cannot attend the auction, but want to take an active part in the bidding. This option is provided free of charge by our auction house.
Buyers can also participate on-line via and Enrollment and participation is arranged through these websites. This option involves an additional 5% payment above the buyer's premium.




Absentee bids

An absentee bid form is located at the end of our catalogue. List the lot numbers which interest you along with your maximum bid. Send this form to our office via email or fax, no later than one day prior to auction. Our staff will enter your bid into our system and will serve as your representative to buy the item at the lowest possible price – up to the maximum bid noted on the form. This option is provided free of charge by our auction house.
To download Absentee bid form click here>


Post-Auction Purchases

Buyers interested in purchasing an item that was not sold at auction can purchase it at the opening price plus the buyer's premium. This remains in effect as long as the item has not been returned to its owner and is still for sale. These items will be sold on a "first come, first serve" basis.


Catalogue Subscription

A catalogue subscription, including four printed catalogues and postage within Israel costs $100. Add an additional $50 for international shipping.
Single catalogues can be purchased for 120 NIS including postage within Israel, or $50 for international shipping.
Old auction catalogues can be purchased at discounted rates, though some catalogues are no longer in supply.