Winner's Unlimited - No. 109

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August 21, 2018
Opening $ 3,000
Estimate $ 6,000 - $ 8,000
Sold for $ 3,660
Including buyer's premium

Siddur Avodat HaLevi published in Kiryat Tosh, Canada, with Psalms, and Pitum HaKetoret on parchment, which belonged to the holy Rabbi Meshulim Feish Segal Lowy, the holy Admor of Tosh, with which he would pray, with his stamp and kvittelach.

Specifications: Siddur Avodat HaLevi, with the Admor of Tosh's personal stamp on the first page of the siddur. His name "Meshulim Feish Segal Lowy" is stamped on the binding, as well as on the page attached to the binding, and the first and second pages have a number of reminders, handwritten "kvitellach." Pitum HaKetoret [3 pages] on parchment is pasted into the siddur, and at its end there is a "bookmark" on parchment with kabbalistic Names, all in scribal script.

The Admor of Tosh, the holy gaon Rabbi Meshulim Feish Segal Lowy (1922-2015), son of the Admor Rabbi Mordechai of Demecser, grandson of Rabbi Meshulim Feish Lowy of Tosh (the first). He arrived in Montreal, Canada in 1951, and established Kiryat Beit HaLevi in 1963 for Tosh chassidut. He was renowned for his lengthy prayers and his conduct in service of G-d with great devotion. His Torah thoughts were printed in Avodat Avodah.

Condition: Usage marks and stains, isolated leaves are lacking, as well as the title page. Fine-very fine condition.

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