Auction No. 113

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Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

Opening $30,000
Estimate $50,000 - $60,000
Sold for $36,600
Including buyer's premium

Lengthy comprehensive composition [360pp] , complete and amazingly organized, titled Afikei Mayim, which is a commentary on the book Etz Chaim by the Ar"i. In his composition, Rabbi Patiyah explains the Ar"i's words and cites from the commentators Rabbi Moshe Zacuto, Rabbi Shalom Sharabi, the author of Shemen Sasson and more. In addition, Rabbi Patiyah makes a comparison between manuscripts of Etz Chaim and additional books and introduces traditions by his rabbi, the Rashb"a [=Rabbi Shimon ben Agasi].

Rabbi Patiyah wrote the composition on Pesach Sheni in the month of Iyar 1882; thus, he wrote it when he was young, only 23 years old.

The composition is also called "Mahadura Kama" and indeed later, he authored a large book on Etz Chaim titled Beit Lechem Yeuda, although each book contains additions and variations. Clearly, the author had gone over the manuscript several times, corrrecting, erasing and adding comments on the margins in order to eventually publish a properly revised edition.

At its beginning, there is an illustrated title page with a stylish frame. At its end, the author copied a question and responsum from the Reme"z [=Rabbi Moshe Zacuto] Responsa which was apparently rare at the time. The responsum addresses seven different Kabbalistic issues.

The question is by a disciple of the Reme"z Rabbi Binyamin HaCohen and the responsum by the Reme"z [this addition takes up six pages].

Rabbi Patiyah copies three Segulot: Segulah for a childless woman to become pregnant with Zera shel Kayama, a Segulah to test whether a woman has whored, and a Segulah for a woman having a difficult birth. He copied the first Segulah from Rabbi Chaim Vital, who had received it from the Ar"i who received it from Eliyahu HaNavi, and indicates that he had tried it on a woman who became pregnant but did not try the other Segulot, see there at length. Apparently, incidentally, there remained space on the leaf of the manuscript and he copied the Segulot there and blessed he who knows.

this is the Segulah for Zerah shel Kayama: "For a childless woman, the husband should take some of his urine when it is warm and put it in a glass and take some spices calamus and cinnamon and grind them with white sugar and put in the glass and take some goat milk and mix everything together and let her drink it for three days and make an impression. This Segulah was copied from a manuscript by Rabbi Chaim Vital who received it from the Ar"i and Rabbi Chaim Vital wrote there: 'And I do not want to reveal it to anyone but the modest and this secret was told to me by my teacher [the Ar"i] who received it from Eliyahu'. And I [=Rabbi Yehuda Patiyah] tried it on a woman who became pregnant".

173, [3] leaves. Ink on paper. 13x19cm. Signed autograph of the greatest Kabbalist of Baghadad in the last generation. Fine condition. Brittle paper. Very few stains. In an impressive leather case.

It should be noted that the composition was privately photocopied in 1978 and several copies were made by the author's son Rabbi Shaul Patiyah; however, since he wrote in Sephardic cursive script, it is difficult to decipher and it too is rare.

Purchasing this manuscript will grant the purchaser the exclusive right to edit, emend and publish it and thus merit thousands of those who study the Torah of Rabbi Patiyah.

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