Auction No. 094

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July 19, 2016
Opening $ 400
Estimate $ 600 - $ 700

Akeidat Yitzchak on the Torah by famed sage Rabbi Yitzchak Arama, with elucidations and sources by Rabbi Chaim Yosef Pollak, av"d Trebitsch. Pressburg, [1849]. Stamps of Rabbi Eliyahu Lopian.
Four sections; missing Genesis. Exodus is missing the title page and following leaf. The other sections are complete and in fine condition. With the addition of Chazut Kasheh.
The start of each section bears the stamp of Rabbi Eliyahu Lopian, prominent mashgiach and ba'al mussar of the previous generation. He was born in 1876 and served as masghiach in Lomza and Kelm and followed its way of thought throughout his life. He moved to Eretz Yisrael in 1951 and served as the mashgiach of Yeshivat Kefar Chassidim until his death. His Torah was compiled in Lev Eliyahu that was edited by his disciple, the Jerusalem maggid, Rabbi Shalom Schwardron.
Leather bindings, some restored with cloth. Fine condition.  

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