Auction No. 114

Golden coins, Seforim, Chabad, Eretz Yisrael and Zionism, Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes, Holocaust and refugees.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019 at 5pm Without Audience
Opening $ 120
Estimate $ 300 - $ 400
Sold for $ 220
Including buyer's premium

The letters were sent by prominent figures such as Rabbi Tzvi Yehudah Kook, Alexander Finn, and Nathan Yellin-Mor on various topics. In one of the letters, he is offered the position of principal of a school, which was realized in the end and brought the family to the Land of Israel. The archive also contains public matters, poetry and literature, and personal letters about his family.

The book Kevutzat Mishmar HaVolga is included in the archive, with an article by Mordechai Raziel, who was one of the founders of the group.

R' Mordechai Raziel was an alumnus of Lithuanian yeshivahs, a speaker, an author and a poet. He established a network of schools in Russia, and was a teacher in Jerusalem who taught many students. He was the father of David Raziel (among the founders of ETZe"L) and Esther Raziel (ETZe"L activist and Cherut MK).

Important historical documents