Auction No. 113

Famous personalities, Art, Seforim, Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes

Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

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Important archive regarding the difficult historic episode which shocked the Jewish community in the young State of Israel.

* Poster calling for a worldwide day of prayer on the 10th of Av. Signed by Rabbi Isser Zalman Meltzer, Rabbi Tzvi Pesach Frank and Rabbi Chizkiyah Shabtai, Av Beit Din of the Sephardic community in Jerusalem.

Both Rabbi Isser Zalman Meltzer and Rabbi Tzvi Pesach Frank headed the historic campaign against this law and both met with Ben-Gurion to discuss the matter. Rabbi Isser Zalman was ill and at the very end of his life, but he said that he was willing to suffer and sit in jail, despite his condition, because of the severity of the decree. Rabbi Tzvi Pesach Frank was the rabbi of Jerusalem and a member of the Chief Rabbinical Council. He threw all his weight and influence into this battle. The poster was sent to the Agudat HaRabbanim (Union of Orthodox Rabbis) and to Agudat Yisrael in the United States, to England, and to the Central Rabbinical Council and Young Israel in the United States, with dates when they were sent.

* Poster signed by dozens of rabbis and Admors opposing the draft of girls to National Service. Tammuz, 1953. Signatories include: Ashkenazic rabbis: Rabbi Yerucham Asher Warhaftig, Rabbi Chananya Yom Tov Lipa Gross of Berbești, Rabbi Yisrael Welz, Admor Yochanan of Rachmastrivka, Admor Yochanan of Tolna, Rabbi Eliyahu Zlotnik, Rabbi Bezalel Stern of Pupa (Melbourne), Rabbi Yechiel Michel Shlager and others. Sephardic rabbis: Rabbi Avraham Raful, Rabbi Yehudah Tzadka, Rabbi Eliyahu Moshe Maaravi and others.

* Letter opposing the draft of girls to the National Service from the beit din of the Eidah HaCharedit in Jerusalem. Tammuz 1953. Signed by the Raavad, Rabbi Pinchas Epstein.

* Sharp letter sent to Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac Herzog, chief rabbi, from the sages and yeshivah rabbis in Jerusalem, opposing the Chief Rabbinate's intention to reopen the discussion about drafting girls. They appeal to Rabbi Herzog not to reopen the subject and not to submit to the pressures of the Mizrachi and the Poel HaMizrachi. 2 leaves, the upper section is typewritten, followed by dozens of rabbinical signatures. Signatories include: Rabbi Zev Eidelman, Rabbi Moshe Yehudah Landau, Rabbi Elkana Wissenstern , Rabbi Nachum Berman, Rabbi Baruch Shimon Schneerson (?) and others.
* Letter opposing the National Service signed by Sephardic rabbis in Tel Aviv.
* Seven printed letters opposing the draft of girls, signed by prominent rabbis, Admors, Roshei yeshivahs, from throughout the world and all backgrounds. Tammuz, 1953. 7 leaves. Includes dozens of signatures, with slight differences between the leaves. Many of the rabbinical signatures were copied and then the letters were sent so other cities to that additional signatories could be added (includes a short letter that was sent along). Following the printed signatures there are additional handwritten signatures, including those of: Admor Yosef Tzvi of Skierniewice (Bnei Brak), Rabbi Shmuel HaLevi Wosner, Rabbi Aharon Tzvi Brisk (Tășnad), Rabbi Daniel Movshovitz, Rabbi Avraham England, Rabbi Tzvi Markowitz, Admor Rabbi Shalom Michlowitz, Rabbi Peretz Ariel and more.

* Protocols of meetings between rabbis, members of the Council of Rabbinical Sages, and Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and President Yitzchak Ben Tzvi. Tammuz, 1953. 4 leaves (photocopy).

* Documents regarding a religious girl who did not pass the exemption committee and was obligated to enlist. 1957. The girl's declaration. Letter from Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Leib Shapiro, who knew the girl personally, and signature of Rabbi Yitzchak Yaakov Wachtfogel. The document also bears signatures of many of the girl's neighbors and a confirmation from Rabbi Moshe Leib Shapiro.

Overall fine condition.

Manuscripts & letters. Ashkenaz