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April 1, 2014
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Hymn. 'Bar Yochai Nimshachta Achrecha' and 'Bar Yochai KiNehora Dishamsha'. Illustration of Rasbi's tomb in Meron. Jerusalem, [1889].
[1] leaf. 40x25 cm.
Topped by an illustration of the beis medrash near Rashbi's tomb, the site of the Idra Kadisha, and the tomb of Rabbi Yochanan HaSandlar. Titled "בהמ"ד הרשב"י". The bottom section features the hymn, "Bar Yochai Nimshachta Achrecha" which was composed by kabalist, Rabbi Shimon ben Lavi of Tripoli in the 16th century. The hymn, "Bar Yochai Ki'Nehora Di'Shamsha" was authored by Rabbi Dovid 'L'Am Yadid" in the 17th century.
Both hymns laud Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and are based on kabala. "Bar Yochai Nimshachta Ashrecha" is the most noted hymn today. The Sephardic community customarily recites it on Shabbat from Passover through Shavuot.
Fold marks. Tiny tears in the blank margins. Very fine condition.

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