Winner's Unlimited 112

Eretz Israel and Zionism, Anti-Semitsm, Holocaust and Sheerit Hapleta, Postcards and Photographs, Posters, Maps, Judaica, Seforim, Manuscripts, Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes

January 21, 2019
Opening $ 100
Estimate $ 200 - $ 300
Sold for $ 293
Including buyer's premium

Nine early paper items with graphic art by leading artists of the Bezalel Academy, early 20th century. 

* Large illustrated invoice [for a sum of 750 mil] by the Monzon Press in Jerusalem, for work that was done for Meir Gur Aryeh, with his name written in pen. 19/8/35

* Two opening business cards, one with "Bezalel Art and Land of Israel Home Handicrafts - Rivkah Marein, 6 Jaffa Road, opposite the clock tower, Jerusalem." The inner part of the card has an English listing of Bezalel items sold at the store and a three-digit telephone number, 615. There is a Bezalel-style illustration by Rephael A. Shalem [signed in print] on the back of the card. On the back of the second card there is a dried flower from among the Land of Israel flowers.

* Advertising leaflet for the Bezalel Academy - printed in Prague. Written in German with a photograph of the academy in Jerusalem.

* Pamphlet for the matzah factory in Haifa with illustrations designed by Meir Gur Aryeh and Ze'ev Raban [signed in print], 1920s.

* Internal postcard for the Bezalel Academy designated for use by school members, with a chart for name, address and city of residence. 

* Invitation to an exhibition which took place at the Bezalel National Disability Center on the subject 'A. Y. Y. Poznansky Photographs,' December 20, 1947, and more.

Various sizes, very fine condition.