Auction No. 113

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Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

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Birkat HaBayit. Halachic rulings on Orach Chaim by Rabbi Avraham Chaim Einhorn. Sighet, 1893. Two parts. First edition. Signature of the Admor Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum of Sighet.

Handwritten signature: "The small one, Moshe Teitelbaum" and stamp: "Moshe Teitelbaum, M. Sighet" and additional owners' signatures. Some leaves contain glosses by an unidentified writer.

The Admor Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum of Satmar [1914-2016] was born in Sighet, Romania, to his father, the author of Atzei Chaim, of Sighet. On his mother's side, he was a great-grandson of Rabbi Chaim of Sanz and a descendant of Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi. He was a disciple of his great uncle, the Admor of Satmar. He was sent to Auschwitz with his entire family, where his wife and three children were murdered. After the Holocaust, he returned to Sighet and attempted to renew religious life among the survivors. During his time in Sighet, he got married for a second time, to the daughter of Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum of Volovo. Due to his concern about the new Communist regime, he immigrated to the United States. There he met with his uncle, Rabbi Yoel, who was also saved from the War, and he joined him in his public projects. He settled in Borough Park, where he established the Atzei Chaim Sighet synagogue, named for his father. He was appointed heir and successor to his uncle after the Admor of Satmar's passing (without any children among the living); crowned revered rabbi of the Satmar Chassidim, serving from 1979 until his passing. He also served as president of the Edah HaChareidit in the Land of Israel.

Fine-very fine condition. Slight tear running through the title page and the subsequent pages. Few stains. New binding.

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