Auction No. 113

Famous personalities, Art, Seforim, Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes

Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

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Wondrous elucidations on the weekly Torah readings, based on the foundation of "sharpness," expertise and in-depth study, in the style of the sages of Ashkenaz.

Unknown writer who was a disciple of the rabbi of Prague and studied in his yeshivah. In a number of places, he quotes novellae in the name of his teacher:

"From the great genius Reish Metivta ... of Prague (37a), "From my teacher ... in Prague" (14a: 14b), "From the great genius Reish Metivta ... (25a) ... Leaves 66-67 contain short novellae on Talmudic topics, also from his teacher in Prague.

Which rabbi of Prague was referred to by the writer? Apparently Rabbi Avraham Braude, who was Av Beit Din, and primarily "Reish Metivita" in Prague. [Some of the time that his yeshivah was in Prague, he served only as Reish Metivta and not Av Beit Din.]

In another location (37a), he quotes a novellus "in the name of the great genius ... Avigdor Kara ztz"l, here in Prague" [Rabbi Avigdor was the first rabbi of the Jewish community in Prague].

Leaves 64-65 feature later writing with Torah thoughts "for Passover from the great genius Chaim Hirsch, Av Beit Din of Mainz" - this was Rabbi Noach Chaim Tzvi Hirsch, author of the Atzei Almogim, Atzei Arazim and Ma'ayan HaChachamim, who was the rabbi of Mainz and then Av Beit Din in the three communities, Altona, Hamburg and Wandsbeck.

[88] pages with text. Ink on paper. 15x19 cm. The original handwritten pagination starts with leaf 14a and ends with leaf 67, and a few leaves are missing in the middle. Fine condition. Aging stains. New cloth binding.

Manuscripts from Ashkennaz