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March 27, 2017
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Responsa and practical halacha, concluding with compilations of lengthy back-and-forth discussions from the author, Rabbi Moshe Sultan, prominent Constantinople rabbi.

Specifications: [2], 126, 8 [3] leaves. 31 cm. First edition. Wide margins. Printed by his nephew, Rabbi Moshe Sultan. 

Unique features: The title page bears the handwritten inscription and signature of Rabbi Moshe Chaim Amarillo (1696-1748), Chief Rabbi of Salonica and one of its leading sages.
The leaves of the work bear a number of lengthy glosses in a Sephardic rabbinical hand. Impressive copy with wide margins. Very rare in such fine condition.

Background: Rabbi Moshe Chaim was the son of Rabbi Shlomo Amarillo, author of Kerem Shlomo. He corresponded with the leading Torah sages of his time and received halachic questions from all over the world. His large printed works included Shu"t Devar Moshe, three sections; Halacha L'Moshe on the Rambam, two sections; and Yad Moshe with sermons and eulogies.
In addition to his own works, he arranged, commented and added references and indexes to noted works that were printed in Salonica, such as the Torat Chaim of the Maharch"ash; Eidut B'Yaakov of Mahar"i de Boton; and Torat Chessed of Rabbi Chasdai HaKohen Pirchiya. In approximately 1729, he took ill and was given the added name "Chaim." Before this illness, he signed his name only "Moshe," like in the inscription before us, and the introduction to Eidut B'Yaaakov which is also found in this catalogue (Matzeivot Saloniki, p. 664-666).

Condition: Very fine-excellent. Simple binding.

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