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March 27, 2017
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Elucidation on some of the halachot in the Sefer HaIttur written by Rabbi Yitzchak son of Aba of Marseilles , responsa, and comments on the Tur and Rambam by Dayan Rabbi Yaakov Sasson.

Specifications: [3], 243 leaves. 29.5 cm. First edition.

Unique features: Turkish books from this era are very rare in such fine condition. The book includes the prefaces of Rishon L'Tzion Rabbi Avraham Yitzchaki, Rabbi Chaim Elfandri and Rabbi Avraham Rosanes, who extol the author who passed away at a young age but was extremely exalted in wisdom and breadth of knowledge.
The title page bears an undeciphered owner notation, signed with initials. Leaf 1a bears the owner signature: מק"כ לעבודת קוני הצעיר הא"ח ס"ט - this was written by Rabbi Eliyahu Chazan, Av Beit Din in Alexandria, author of Shu"t Talumot Lev.

Background: Elucidation on the Sefer HaIttur, responsa and comments on the Tur and Rambam by Dayan Rabbi Yaakov Sasson, published by Dayan Rabbi Chaim Kimchi.
In his entry for the Sefer HaIttur in his Shem HaGedolim, the Chida discusses the virtue of writing a commentary or elucidation on a book that was lost or whose the author died young, and he brings this author who died at the age of 32 as an example.

Condition: Very fine-excellent. Small holes in the title page margins.

Books printed in Constantinople and Izmir