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January 21, 2019
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Seven important books by and about Moshe Montefiore.

Yehudit, the story of Judith Montefiore's first travels with her husband to the Land of Israel in 1839, first Hebrew edition, London 1879.

* Sippur Moshe V'Yerushalayim. Warsaw 1879, without the title page.

* Harpers Franklin Square Library, Sir Moses Montefiore New York 1884.

* Notes from a Private Journal of a Visit to Egypt and Palestine, by way of Italy and the Mediterranean, second edition, London 1885. Especially beautiful copy with gilt decoration on the binding very fine-excellent condition.

Sefer HaZichronot L'Sir Moshe Montefiore. Edited by Eliezer HaLevi, Warsaw 1899. Second volume of two.

* Sir Moses Montefiore, Eugene Wolbe. Berlin 1909. German composition on Montefiore's life, Berlin 1909.

* Booklet with a special prayer in honor of Moshe Montefiore, published by the Shaar HaShamayim synagogue in London in honor of 200 years since Montefiore's birth, 1984.

* Rethinking Sir Moses Montefiore: Religion, Nationhood, and International Philanthropy in the Nineteenth Century by Abigail Green. Reprinted from The American Historical Review. June 2005.

Various sizes and conditions, overall fine condition.


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