Auction No. 113

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Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

Opening $ 500
Estimate $ 800 - $ 1,200
Sold for $ 610
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"... I have found and seen the path of halachah here in Weitenterebetrach ... the wise and understanding ... Chaim Hirsch ... henceforth to be called Moreinu R' Chaim Hersch son of R' Meir Zev ..."

Rabbi Moshe Zaks, Av Beit Din of Lichtenstadt and region, was born in Prague. He studied under Rabbi Shmuel Leib Kauder, author of Olat Shmuel, and served as Av Beit Din of Lichtenstadt and the neighboring Karlsbad. Many Hungarian and Polish rabbis who came to the Karlsbad resort enjoyed speaking about Torah and halachah with him. At the end of his life, he left the rabbinate and moved to Vienna. Refer to the preface to Sefer HaMor Dror - HaMamarim V'HaDrashot - for praise of this personality.

[1] folded paper. 21x34 cm. Beautiful hand, signed by Rabbi Moshe Zaks, Av Beit Din of Lichtenstadt and region. With traces of a wax seal. Very fine condition.

Manuscripts & letters. Ashkenaz