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Holy books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical & Admors letters, Americana & Judiaca

March 27, 2017
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Chaim V'Chessed - novellae on the weekly Torah portions by Rabbi Yitzchak Nissim ben Jamil.

Chanan Elokim - novellae on the weekly Torah portions, halachic novellae, responsa and decrees, by his grandson the great Rabbi, Rabbi Chaim Abulafia, Av Beit Din of Izmir.

Specifications: [1], 142, 1-44, 49-151, [7] leaves. 21 cm. First edition. 

Unique Features: There is a list of 32 decrees which Rabbi Chaim Abulafia decreed in Izmir on the last 7 leaves. These leaves are extremely rare. A complete copy of this book in this condition is extraordinarily rare.

Ownership signatures on the title page:

1. Rabbi Baruch Kalomiti - author of the book Avak Derachim, (Salonika, 1814). One of the great Rabbis of Izmir, a teacher of Torah and benevolent giver of charity, appears to have been a disciple of the author of Sha'ar HaMelech. The great sages of Izmir admired him and praised him extensively. He died in 1825. Details of an incident which happened when he died are found in Yaffe L'Lev, part three, Yoreh Deah 340:7 (Encyclopedia L'Chachma Turkia page 179).

2. Rabbi Yehoshua Badrashi - author of the book Arugat HaBosem (Salonika 1893), Chief Rabbi of Salonika, a disciple of Rabbi Chaim Moshe Amarillo, author of D'var Moshe (HaMalaot L'Shlomo 5:24), died in 1762. Tradition holds that he died on Friday and that the sun did not sink until his grave was covered, just as happened to Joshua. Subsequently, his grave became a holy site for the Jews of Salonika and he is known by all as "The Rabbi for whom the sun did not set" (M. Molcho, Beit HaAlmin Shel Yehudei Salonika, page 469). His book Arugat HaBosem was published together with his father's book Harei Bsamim.

3. Rabbi Mirkado Sa'adya HaLevi - author of the book Neveh Tzedek (Salonika 1841), one of the sages of Izmir, son-in-law of Rabbi Yitzchak Palagi, author of the book Yaffe L'Lev. In his book Neveh Tzedek (derush 10), is his in-law Rabbi Chaim Palagi's eulogy on him, in which he praises him extensively.

Condition: Fine-very fine. Aging stains. Very few worming holes.      

Books printed in Constantinople and Izmir