Auction No. 113

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Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

Opening $1,000
Estimate $3,000 - $4,000

Chut HaShani. Responsa by Rabbi Moshe Shimshon Bachrach and Rabbi Shmuel Avraham Bachrach, published by his son and grandson Rabbi Yair Bachrach (author of Chavat Yair) with responsa by him. [1679]. First edition. Copy which belonged to Rabbi Binyamin HaKohen - Maharba"ch, with the handwritten signature of Rabbi Yeshayah Bassan.

Rabbi Yair Bachrach published his father's and grandfather's responsa and added some of his own responsa to them. With an important preface by him. In Siman 10, a responsum by Rabbi Yeshayah HaLevi Horowitz, author of the Shla"h, was printed. The final responsum (Siman 97) is a compilation by Rabbi Yair Bachrach about the Sages' dimensions and weights.

On the title page of the book, the handwritten signature of Rabbi Yeshayah Bassan indicates that the book had belonged to his father-in-law Rabbi Binyamin Cohen (Maharba"ch).

Rabbi Yeshayah Bassan (1673-1739) was one of the leading adjudicators of Italy, and also a poet and kabbalist. He was a disciple of Rabbi Yehudah Briel and the Reme"z, and the son-in-law of Rabbi Binyamin Cohen - Raba"ch. He served as a rabbi in several Italian communities and eventually became the rabbi of the Reggio community. He was the primary rabbi of the Ramcha"l. Most of his compositions remained in manuscript form.

Rabbi Binyamin HaCohen Vitali of Reggio, also known as the Marba"ch (1651-1727), was one of the leading kabbalists of Italy and the primary disciple of Rabbi Moshe Zacuto - the Reme"z. He was the rabbi of Alessandria and then of Reggio. He authored the books Gevul Binyamin, Alon Bachut and several prayer and Tikkunim books. Recently, responsa by him have been printed in Shu"t HaRaba"ch.

92, 95-115 leaves, 18 cm. Moderate condition. Aging stains and worming holes. New half-leather binding.

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