Auction No. 114

Golden coins, Seforim, Chabad, Eretz Yisrael and Zionism, Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes, Holocaust and refugees.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019 at 5pm Without Audience
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Collection of flyers and posters written and distributed by the Jewish underground organization, "Lech"i" (Lochamei Cherut Israel) from the time it was active during the British Mandate for Palestine. The collection contains:

* Proclamation of the stance of the organization regarding its policy, Shevat [1944].

Following an event prior to this poster in which a member of the Lech"i drew his personal weapon and fired into the air after members of the HaShomer HaTza'ir organization attacked members of the Lech"i who entered a HaShomer haTza'ir club in Tel Aviv and attacked them, wounding a member of HaShomer HaTza'ir, the Lech"i distributed this poster in which it publicizes its version of the events.

[1] leaf, black ink typewritten and signed by Lochamei Cherut Yisrael. 16x21 cm.

* Flyer opposing the Mandate government following the teachers' strikes, Cheshvan [1944]. 

The writers of the flyer blame the British for the situation that caused the teachers to go on strike and request that the Jewish reader to not make the mistake of blaming the teachers themselves, the National Committee, nor the parents, but rather the rigidity demonstrated by the British Authorities towards the whole Jewish Yishuv. 

[1] paper leaf, black ink typewritten and signed by Lochamei Cherut Israel. 26x20 cm.

Fine condition. Faded, with a fold along its length and breadth. 

* Flyer distributed following the arrest of two members of the 'Haganah' who were suspected of illegal possession of weapons. Tevet [1945].

The flyer appeals to "Hebrews in the Homeland!" and expresses the feelings of bitterness that existed in the Jewish Yishuv due to the unfair attitude, as they claimed, demonstrated by the British authorities in general and especially after the arrest of the two Haganah members David Epstein and David Solomon, who were suspected of illegally possessing weapons, a claim which they denied.

[1] paper leaf, black ink typewritten and signed by Lochamei Cherut Israel. 32x20 cm.

Fine condition, faded, crosswise fold. 

* 'Sticker' against the Haganah and Ben-Gurion, unknown location in Israel, Iyar 1948.

Small protest sign against the Haganah organization and Ben-Gurion on which is written, 'At the head of Haganah stands Ben-Mugion.'

[1] paper leaf, black ink typewritten and signed by Lochamei Cherut Israel. 10x34 cm.

Very fine condition, crosswise fold. 

Important historical documents