Winner's Unlimited - Haggadot Shel Pesach

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February 22, 2017
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* Sefer Mor Dror on the Pesach Haggada by Mordechai Robinstein of Zolkiew, printing press of Yosef Fisher and Shaul Deitscher. Krakow, 1882. Otzar HaHaggadot 1607.

* Pesach Haggada with 238 commentaries and additions by the publisher Yosef Lazer. Printing press of Yosef Fisher, Krakow, 1922. Otzar HaHaggadot 2887. The first 3 pages are printed in blue ink.

* Pesach Haggada Birkat HaShir by Rabbi Leibush Charif. Printing press of M. Deutscher. Krakow, 1925. Otzar HaHaggadot 3017. Not bound.  

* Pesach Haggada with the Yalkut Shimoni commentary, as well as a few additions by Shimon Bezalel Neiman. Published by the Aharon Foyst bookstore, in the printing press of the Levin-Epstein brothers and partner. Krakow, approbation from 1927. Otzar HaHaggadot 3115.

Fine-very fine condition. 

Haggadot with commentaries