Auction No. 114

Golden coins, Seforim, Chabad, Eretz Yisrael and Zionism, Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes, Holocaust and refugees.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019 at 5pm Without Audience
Opening $ 80
Estimate $ 200 - $ 400
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* Passover Haggadah illustrated by Nachum Gutman, Tel Aviv, 1936. 63 leaves, 16 cm. Otzar HaHaggadot 3601. Beautiful binding with hammered copper design of Jerusalem by Bezalel Jerusalem.

* Passover Haggadah - Chelkat Binyamin. Munkacs, 1930. "Elucidation of the Passover Haggadah [with the text] by Rabbi Binyamin [son of Aharon], maggid of Zlozitz and Zolishtchik." The author [c. 1740-1791] lived during the time of the Ba'al Shem Tov and brought Torah novellae he heard from the Ba'al Shem Tov and his disciples. First printed in Lvov in 1794. This edition has references to biblical verses and sayings of the Sages, as well as comments and the author's biography, added by Rabbi Chaim Yissachar Dov Gross. 56 leaves. 23 cm. Otzar HaHaggadot 3296.

Seder Haggadah Leil Shimurim K'Minhag Ashkenaz V'PolinLondon, 1862 "With a new copy into the English language by the youth Avraham son of Yitzchak Pereira Mendes." The haggadah service includes laws and instructions. Hebrew and English on facing pages as well as two title pages, in English and in Hebrew. That year, Rabbi Mendes printed two haggadahs, the first per the custom of Ashkenzim and Sephardim, and the second one, as the one before us, per the custom of Ashkenaz and Poland. He translated both into English. This is the first edition of his English translation of the haggadah per the custom of Ashkenaz and Poland. There is a Yiddish translation of the hymn "Adir Hu" at the end of the haggadah. [6], 51, [1] leaf. 17 cm. Otzar HaHaggadot 1158.

Haggadah shel Pesach. Chaluka D'RabbananLemberg, 1894. With the holy Shla"h's commentary and Rabbi Aharon Teomim's commentary, "Mateh Aharon," and the "Ketonet Passim" commentary. Second edition (the first was printed in Amsterdam in 1695). Rare. Many approbations from the generation's leading geonim and Admo"rim were added to this edition. [3], 5-113 leaves (other copies have 112 leaves, as well as other differences). 25 cm. Otzar HaHaggadot 1924.