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Important Historic Documents, Haskalah, Einstein, Seforim, Manuscripts and Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes

December 11, 2018
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1. Kuntress HaTzofeh al Darchei HaMishnah. By Rabbi Tzvi Binyamin Auerbach, Frankfurt, 1861, [2], 54 pages.
2. Kuntress Divrei Shalom V'Emet, by Shlomo Yehudah Rapoport, inscribed by the author. Prague, 1861. [1] 35 pages.
3. Kuntress Mipnei Kishut, critique of Seder Darkei HaMishnah by Rabbi Shlomo Zeev Klein, Frankfurt, Sivan 1861, 32 pages.
4. Kuntress HaEmet V'HaShalom Ohavo, by Rabbi Shlomo Zeev Klein, Frankfurt, Av 1861, 22 pages.

In 1860, Zechariah Frankel published his work Darchei Mishnah. The book aroused great turmoil, because, despite the fact that Frankel spoke admiringly about the Tanaim as great legislators, he did not mention or even hint at the divinity of the Oral Torah at all. In addition, Frankel claims that the idea of "Torah of Moshe at Sinai" was only a later interpretation by the Tanaim themselves, indicating that these ideas are very clear - as if they were said to Moshe at Sinai. Many rabbis, including Rabbi Samson Refael Hirsch, Rabbi Ezriel Hildesheimer and Rabbi Tzvi Binyamin Auerbach (in his HaTzofeh al Darchei HaMishnah in this lot) publicly opposed the book and demanded that Frankel declare that he recognizes the divinity of the Torah. Rabbi Shlomo Zeev Klein published his Ha'Emet V'HaShalom Ahavo as an appeal to Frankel to clarify his position. Rabbi Shlomo Yehudah Rapaport (Shi"r) defended his friend Frankel with his Divrei Shalom V'Emet and wrote that Frankel would undoubtedly answer the questions and declare his belief in the Divinity of the Oral Torah. In response to Shi"r, Rabbi Shlomo Zeev Klein wrote the HaEmet V'HaShalom Ohavo, defending Rabbi Samson Refael Hirsch's position in the episode. However, later, Shi"r himself attacked Frankel, claiming that he hadn't adequately declared his position.

Shi"r was a member of the Haskalah in Galicia and a founder of "Chochmat Yisrael," the movement that started the science of Judaism. He was a son-in-law of the author of the Ketzot HaChoshen and a noted Torah scholar in his own right.

Zechariah Frankel was the spiritual father of the Conservative movement. He was a rabbi in Breslau.

Rabbi Shlomo Zeev Klein was the chief rabbi of Colmar, and one of the first Orthodox rabbis to battle the Reform.

Rabbi Tzvi Binyamin Auerbach was the rabbi of Darmstadt, he is considered one of the first rabbis of the Neo-Orthodox movement.

Condition: Overall fine-very fine.

Haskalah (Enlightenment) and Its Opponents