Winner's Auctions No. 110

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November 7, 2018
Opening $200
Estimate $300 - $500

* Letter to Dr. (Siegfried) Lehman, principal of the Ben Shemen youth village, to set a date to meet in the youth village. Jerusalem, 2.11.1935. [1] leaf, paper. 28x21 cm. German. Handwritten and signed by Buber.

Content: Professor Buber had arrived two days previously for a short visit to the country. He was hosted by Professor Hugo Berman in the Rechaviah neigborhood of Jerusalem. In this letter, he asks to visit Ben Shemen in another week. He suggests that Dr. Lehman indicate a number of potential dates so that they can set one. Fold marks.

* Letter to Dr. Lehman handwritten and signed by Martin Buber. German. Jerusalem, 9.11.1949. 20x12 cm.

* Condolence letter from Martin Buber to Dr. Lehman's widow. Zurich, 5.7.1958. [1] leaf, official Urban Hotel stationery, written on both sides. German. 21x15 cm. Handwritten and signed by Buber.

Content: Buber notes that they heard about Dr. Lehman's passing just now, and it pierced their hearts. Although they knew that he had been very ill for some time, it was still inconceivable that he would no longer be with them. "We have lost a true friend - and one of the few human beings in whom we can hope for a realization of humanity."

* [2] printed thank-you letters for good wishes on the occasion of his 75th birthday. [2] leaves, paper. One is in Hebrew, the second in French. In the letter, Buber considers, "The older one gets, the more one is inclined to be thankful ... One hour of great thankfulness is this one, in which I am writing this ... This appreciation I now extend to all of you who have blessed me is not directed to the group as a whole, but to each person individually." After his signature, he added a handwritten note of thanks for a gift presented to him in honor of the event. 19x16 cm. [Jerusalem, February 1963]. Fold mark, one of the letters has a stain in the margin.

Fine condition.

Martin Buber (1887 Vienna - 1965 Jerusalem), educator, scholar, writer and philosopher with tremendous influence on German Jewry before the Holocaust. His Zionist and philosophical thought have great influence to this day. He served as an honorary professor in the University of Frankfurt from 1930 until the Nazi rise to government in 1933. The first letter here was written in Jerusalem in 1935, when he arrived in the Land of Israel to visit. Buber left Germany in 1938, settled in Jerusalem, and was appointed to serve as a full professor in the Hebrew University.

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