Winner's Unlimited - No. 104

Auction of a private Library from Germany - The commission is 25%

February 6, 2018
Opening $50
Estimate $150 - $250
Sold for $85
Including buyer's premium

* Maamar Yikavu HaMayim! Includes various studies by Rabbi Shmuel Ibn Tibon. Published from manuscript by Rabbi Mordechai Leib Bisseliches. Pressburg, 1837.

* Sefer HaDeiot V'HaMiddot...ideas and discussions from the Ralbag by Yechiel ben Shlomo Maharich. Warsaw 1865.

* Sefer KaYom Yair: A new light with wondrous ideas he should search the aggadot of Chazal for faith and philosophy, in the manner of prose and poetry, by Rabbi Yechiel Yehuda Levensohn. Berlin, [1865].

* Sefer Sefat Emet: Nine chapters to clarify the reality of the Torat Moshe Alexander Falk. Vilna, 1901.

* Sefer Petach HaDa'at: by Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Kalisher with supplements by Rabbi Shlomo Halperin. Warsaw [1911] 1913.

Condition: Fine.

Moral books, Jewish philosophy and sciences