Winner's Auctions No. 110

Eretz Israel and Zionism, Postcards and Photographs, Posters, Maps, Judaica, Holy books, Manuscripts, Manuscripts, Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes

November 7, 2018
Opening $150
Estimate $350 - $500
Sold for $232
Including buyer's premium

* Tribus Ruben hoc est, ea Terrae Sanctae regio, que in diuidend, map of Reuven's inheritance in the Holy Land. 1628, 48x27 cm.

* PER MAXIMA TRIBUS IUDA VARSUS ORIENTEM, ITINERA ET MANSIONES DESERTI, map of Yehudah's inheritance and the East, 49x60 cm. Amsterdam, 1681. In the upper right corner: "Itinera et Mansiones deserti" - Map of the Land of Israel and a complete marked path of the wanderings of the Israelites in the desert in the upper left corner. Latin.

* [trib]us Aser, et Partes occideetales tirbum Zabulon et Isachar, map of the inheritances of Asher, Zevulun and Yissachar. The map before us is a different edition of an identical map with a wider spread westward. 1662. 58x47 cm.

* Tribus Iuda Consecuta, map of Yehudah's inheritance, 1682, 41x35 cm.

* Tribus Ephraim, Beniamin, Et, Dan, map of Ephraim, Binyamin and Dan's inheritances, 51x41 cm.

* Tabula Terrae Promissae ab Auctore Commentarii in Josue Delineata et a Liebaux Geographo Incisa, map of the Land of Israel divided into tribes. 1757, 34x48 cm. Cut in the upper section of the map.

* La Judef ou Palestine, map of the Land of Israel divided into tribes. Painted engraving surrounded by decorative engraving by L. C. Desnos, Paris 1766, 37x29 cm. Tear with lack in the center of the decorative frame on the top part of the map.

Various conditions. Overall fine condition.

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