Winner's Unlimited - No. 101

Holy books, letters from Rabbis and Rebbes, Judaica, Maps, Periodicals, Postcards, banknotes, Eretz Israel and Zionism

July 19, 2017
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Nine important and uncommon books of bibliography and research which deal with the history of the Hebrew book and printing press.

* Diglei Hamadpisim Haivriim Miresihit Hadefus HaIvri V'ad Sof HaMeah Hatesha Esreh [The symbols of the Hebrew printing presses from the beginning of the Hebrew printing press until the end of the nineteenth century]. By Avraham Ya'ari. Published by the Book Publishing Company next to the Hebrew University.

* Hamadpis Daniel Bomberg V'Reshimat Sifrei Beit Defuso [The Printer Daniel Bomberg and the List of Books Printed by his Printed House]. By A. M. Haberman. Published by the Museum of the Art of Printing in Safed, the National Union of Printing Workers in Israel, 1978. Includes photographs of title pages of the books of the Daniel Bomberg printing press and incunabulum leaves.

* Hasefer Ha'Ivri B'Hitpatchuto Misimanim L'Otiot Umimegila L'Sefer [The Development of the Hebrew Book]. By A.M. Haberman, published by Reuven Mas. Jerusalem 1968. Contains photographs of Hebrew manuscripts, and title pages of Hebrew books.

* Tzilumei HaChatimot [Photographs of the Signatures]. A book containing photographs and deciphering of dozens of Rabbinic signatures and dedications on title pages of books. Without publisher and printer names.

* Hadefuss Ha'Ivri B'Kushta [The Hebrew Press in Constantinople]. The history of the Hebrew Press in Constantinople from its inception until the beginning of the Second World War and a list of the books printed there. By Avraham Ya'ari. Published by Y.L. Magnes, Jerusalem, 1967.

* Hamadpis Juan Di Gara V'Reshimat Sifrei Beit Defuso [The Printer Juan Di Gara and the List of His Printing Press's Books]. Edited by Yitzchak Yudlov, published by the Haberman Institute for Literary Investigations. 1982.

* Toldot Hadefus HaIvri B'Polania M'Reishit Hitpatchuto B'Shnat 1534...Ad Hayom [The History of the Hebrew Printing Press in Poland from the beginning of its development in 1534 to the present day]. By Chaim Dovberish Friedberg. Antwerp 1932.

* Kitvei Yad Ivriim Metzuyarim [Illustrated Hebrew Manuscripts], by Bezalel Narkiss. Published by Keter, Jerusalem 1984. An album edition of the book with dozens of colored photographs of illustrated Hebrew manuscripts, and incredibly important informative material regarding the various manuscripts.

* Beit Akad Sefarim. A bibliographic lexicon of Hebrew books printed from 1474 until 1950, including a list of first and later editions of the books, by Chaim Dov Friedberg, Israel, 1960. Four volumes. Spines are torn and reinforced with glued pieces of paper.

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