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Holy books, Chassidut, Manuscripts, Rabbinical & Admors' letters, Eretz Yisrael & Zionism, Americana, Judiaca & Prof. Albert Einstein

October 24, 2017
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* Aderet Eliyahu. The Vilna Gaon's commentary on the Torah. Halberstadt [1859-1860].

[1], 128 leaves. The commentary was printed for the first time in the Mikraot Gedolot printed in Dubrowno in 1804, and was printed here as a book on its own for the first time. Vinograd, Sifrei HaGra 2.

* Yahel Or - Hadrat Kodesh, commentary on the Zohar, the heichalot and the ra'ayah mehaymana, as well as on the Zohar Chadash, by the Vilna Gaon. Vilna, 1882, first edition.

[4], 60; 80; 74 pages. Without Nefesh David. Ownership stamps. Vinograd, Sifrei HaGra 677.

* Toldot Adam. Biography of Rabbi Shlomo Zalman son of Rabbi Yitzchak of Vilna [brother of Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin], including words of mussar and Torah novellae. Warsaw, 1857.

87 leaves. Vinograd, Sifrei HaGra 1513.

* Dvar Eliyahu. Commentary on the book of Iyov by Rabbi Eliyahu of Vilna - the Vilna Gaon. Warsaw, 1857. Vinograd, Sifrei HaGra 112.

* Se'arat Eliyahu. Biography of the Vilna Gaon, stories and facts and unknown Torah thoughts from him, written by Rabbi Avraham son of the Vilna Gaon. Printed for the first time from his manuscript. Contains a 'letter' from Rabbi Yehuda Epstein, student of Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin, with unknown teachings from the Vilna Gaon which he heard from his teacher Rabbi Chaim. Warsaw 1877.

54 pages, last page is missing. Vinograd, Sifrei HaGra 1360.

Fine overall condition.

Books By The Vilna Gaon & His Disciples