Winner's Unlimited - No. 099

Holy books, letters from Rabbis and Rebbes, Judaica, Maps, Periodicals, Postcards, banknotes, Eretz Israel and Zionism

May 3, 2017
Opening $150
Estimate $300 - $600

Reading textbooks for children, with pictures. Germany, United States and Israel.

* Lashon Limudim. Textbook for the ancient language of the past by Rabbi Daniel Fink, published by the author. Berlin, 1921.

* Reishit Da'at Sefat Avar. Hebrew reader according to the vocal approach with illustrations and prayers by M. Krinski, New York, 1935.

Sifri HaRishon. Reading textbook for the first year of study, edited by P. Auerbach and Anda Pinkerfeld, illustrated by H. Glicksberg, Dvir publishing, Tel Aviv, 1943.

Alef Beit. Illustrated by Zvi Malbanchik [Livni], rhymes by Efraim. Mitzpeh publishing, Tel Aviv 1944. Many scribbles. Poor-moderate condition.

Ivrit L'Bogrim Matchilim al yesod shita chadasha, Sinai Publishing. Tel Aviv, 1949.

HaMatchil. Written by B. and M. Rachbi, illustrated by Yosef Noga. Published by Am Oved - Mesilot. Tel Aviv, 1945.

Alef Beit. By Shlomo S., illustrated by Elisheva Nadel, published by Binyamin Barlevi. 1950s.

Dafdefet L'Kita Alef, sheets for reading, coloring and playing, edited by Ayil- Chaver Morim, illustrated by Zila Binder. Dvir V'Sefer publishing. Tel Aviv, 1956.

Various sizes and conditions.

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