Auction No. 087

Old books, manuscripts, Judaica items, numismatics, coins

February 25, 2015
Opening $ 200
Estimate $ 350 - $ 400
* Seder Haggada L'Leil Shimurim, with English translation by Rev. A.P. Mendes, with impressive pictures. London, Wyndham Printers [c. 194?]. 64 pages, 21.5 cm. Title page illustration of Pharaoh in Joseph's era. Otzar Haggadot 3957. Without jacket title page. Rare Haggada. * Geulat Yisrael. Passover Haggada with German translation and pictures. Tarnow, 1906. 95, [3], [4 picture-plates], 19 cm. This copy has an additional title page at the end of the book. Yaari 1721, Otzar Haggadot 2349. * Erev Pesach. Seder Chodesh Nissan with the Passover Haggada. Leghorn, [1908]. Second edition with supplements. [1], 42, [8] 43-107 leaves. 19 cm. Title page in red and green. Rare haggada, listed erroneously by Yaari. Yaari 1312, Otzar Haggadot 1749. *Haggada shel Pesach with English Translation and Illustrations. [New York, 1935] by General Foods Corporation. Compliments of Maxwell House Coffee. [68] pages. Interior jacket title page features a calendar with the secular dates of the Jewish holidays in 1935-1939. English. Uncommon Haggada. Not in Yaari, Wiener 188a, Otzar Haggadaot 3528. * Die Pessach-Haggada. With German translation by E[rnst] D[aniel] Goldschmidt. Berlin, 1937. 115, [1] pages. 19 cm. Yaari 2231, Otzar Haggadot 3602. Fine-very fine condition, other than Geulat Yisrael which is in moderate condition.
Passover Haggadot