Winner's Unlimited - No. 101

Holy books, letters from Rabbis and Rebbes, Judaica, Maps, Periodicals, Postcards, banknotes, Eretz Israel and Zionism

July 19, 2017
Opening $80
Estimate $150 - $300
Sold for $98
Including buyer's premium

A collection of 15 'Happy New Year', 'Ketiva V'chatima tova v'simchat yom tov' greeting cards printed in private design from various Rabbis.

Among them: "Blessings for a good new year as sweet as honey" of the Rebbe of Nadvorna-Hadera; "Ketiva V'chatima tova V'Gmar Chatima Tovah V'Simchat Yom Tov" - the personal card of Rabbi Chananya Yom Tov Lipa Deutsch; "All of the blessings for the new year, ketiva v'chaima tova and simchat yom tov" - a personal greeting card of Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach; an interesting card of Rabbi Matityahu Ashkenazi from 1944 [written in initials at the top: 'May the year of blood end']; a card from 1931 and more.

Some of the cards have handwriting on the back.

Average size: 11x8 cm.

Varying conditions, overall fine condition.

Ex-libris, Payment methods and paperwork