Winner's Unlimited - No. 097

Holy books, letters from Rabbis and Rebbes, Judaica, Posters & Periodicals, Postcards, Maps, Zionism, numismatics.

January 31, 2017
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This lot features 8 important, unknown publications of the El Al company:

* Leket Yediot L'Oved. Published by the Ministry of Transportation, Airport Authority, along with the public relation department of El Al, 1973. Illustrated, typewritten booklet. The booklet is an internal journal [#5] published by the El Al airline, reviewing various activities within the airport, such as social activities, sport competitions between the employees, the inaguration of the El Al synagogue, tours and more.

* HaMachlaka L'Yachasei Tzibur Namal Teufa Ben Gurion, review of the Ben Gurion airport building, without year of print. Typewritten. The booklet includes a detailed description of the services within the airport; airplane servicing, airport building, firefighting capabilities, clinic, budget distribution and more.

* El Al B'Idan Matosei Ha'anak. July, 1972. Booklet with a historic review of the airplanes used by the airline, through 1972.

* El Al Nitivei Avir L'Yisrael - Story of El Al. Published by the public relations department of the Lod airport, 1969. Includes a detailed plan for future aircraft purchases.

* Sipura shel El Al. Kislev, 1975. Published by the El Al public relations department. Detailed, historic review of the establishment of the airport, various aircrafts that were purchased over the years, internal administration of the airport, income and more.

* Tisato Ha'rishon shel Uzi [Uzi's first flight], by M. Avishag. Published by the "HaMeofef HaTzair" library, 1967.

* Dan's First Flight, 1967, by M. Avishag. The English version of Tisato HaRishon shel Uzi. 

* Namal HaTeufa Ben Gurion published by the Israel Airport Authority. Early instruction booklet for passengars.

Limited number of copies were printed of all the booklets in this collection. Most were designated for internal use by airline employees in various years, and are not in the National Library.

Varying sizes and condition. 

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