Winner's Unlimited - No. 105

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February 21, 2018
Opening $ 200
Estimate $ 400 - $ 800

Collection of 35 early, rare Torah anthologies and periodicals. Includes many first issues. Start of the 20th century - 1940s.

1. Digleinu - Literary anthology, mouthpiece of Orthodox youth in Poland. Shevat, 1922. Second year, issue 5. This issue includes the Maamar Elbona shel Torah by the Admor of Sokolov regarding the Zionist parties.

2. Ohel Torah - Torah monthly journal edited by Gershon Lapidut, with input from prominent rabbis and yeshiva students in the Land of Israel and around the world. Jerusalem. Year 1, Shevat 1926 - Av/Elul -1926. Issues 1-8 [beginning with the first issue published] and year 2, issue 1. Altogether 9 issues.

3. Synagogue Journal of the Beth HaMidrash HaGadol. Leeds, England. Issues 1-6, September 1944-June 1946.

4-6. Three anthologies of Torah, Literature and Philosophy, edited by Binyamin Glesner. "Pumbidita-Machoza" -1943; "Usha" - 1942, "Yavneh" - 1942. Published in Kolozhvar, Hungary.

7. "Chaduta Dishmatita" by Yekutiel Aryeh Kamelhar. Lemberg, 1912.

8. Ohel Moed - Talmudical compilation edited by Yekutiel Aryeh Kamelhar. Podgorze near Krakow, 1899.

9. Beit Vaad L'Chachamim, anthology of Torah novellae edited by Yosef Shimon Pollack, Satmar. Tishrei 1924, issue 24 - Elul 1924, issues 23-24. Altogether 20 issues.

10-11. Kol Yisrael. Monthly periodical for Torah and essays answering current questions published by the Histadrut Tzerei Agudat Yisrael, Jerusalem. Year 1, issue 1 Elul 1921 - Year 2, issue 2 Cheshvan, 1922.

12-14. Emek Halacha Torah compilation published once every two months. Edited by Simcha Elberg, Warsaw. Year 1 issue 1- 3rd of Nissan-Iyar 1926 Shevat Adar 1927, Year 3 issues 4-5 Shevat-Adar 1928.

15-16. Torah MiTzion. Monthly periodical edited by Rabbi Shimon Halperin. Jerusalem 1935 and 1936.

17. HaMeor. Monthly periodical dedicated to all branches of the Torah and Judaism, edited by M. Lisman. Tel Aviv Adar 1935. [Includes articles by HaRAY"H Kook and HaRav S. Y. Zevin].

18-20. HaKochav. Talmudic compilation edited by Yitzchak Sternhall, Brooklyn.

21-24. Degel HaRabbanim - Rabbinic, Talmudic anthology edited by Moshe Yehuda Kirshenbaum. Booklet 1 year 1 - Warsaw 1926; booklet 2 year two - Kislev 1927 Lodz ; Booklet 1 year 3 Lodz 1929.

25-27. Atidenu Monthly periodical for culture and education edited by Dr. Yechezkel Kaufman and Zvi Woyslawski, Berlin. Issues 1-3, January-March 1924.

28. Sefer HaVaad - compilation of necessary responsa from the leading rabbis of the time, manuscripts that were not yet printed, regarding issues relevant to practical halacha, edited by Reuven Lewinbuk. Piotrkow, 1914.

29. HaKerem - drush, elucidations and commentaries on the weekly Torah readings and holidays, with articles by leading rabbis and Torah scholars, edited by Kolonimus Kalmish Hoverband and Rabbi Shimon Yehuda Tropstein, Warsaw. First issue. Adar, 1927.

30. Ohr Torah - dedicated to Torah novellae regarding halacha and aggada, edited by Yosef Shaul Zucker, Chaim Dov HaLevi Madlinger and Reuven Horowitz. Issue 1. Lemberg, 1926.

31. Yavneh - monthly periodical for Judaism and literature. Lemberg, 1929. Issue 1 - year 1.

32-33. Yagdil Torah - Talmudic rabbinic anthology. Warsaw, year 1 - issues 1-2 [ Tishrei-Cheshvan 1927].

35. Ha'Orah - monthly periodical for Torah novellae in Torah, halacha, aggada ... the central paper of the Mossad Tomchei Yeshivot HaOrtho in Transylvania, Romania. Edited by Aryeh Friedmann. Sivan, 1929. Year 1, issue 1.

Various sizes and conditions. Overall moderate - very fine condition.

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