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January 21, 2019
Opening $ 100
Estimate $ 200 - $ 400

Five rare early prayer leaves and booklets.

Seder Tashlich - miniature edition, with the prayers by the holy Rabbi Azoulay z"l published by Yitzchak Yaakov Kraus, grandson of the holy gaon Rabbi Yoel Tzvi Roth, ztz"l. Rabbi Meir Leib Hirsch of Satmar Press - Romania, 1935. Owner's inscription on the title page: "The small one, Shlomo Zalman Feder Egerberg."

Tikkun Purim Shir Mi Kamocha SheNohagim L'Omro B'Shabbat SheLifnei Purim, David Wiseman Press, Casablanca.

* Leaflet with the birkat hachamah blessing printed by Mordechai Vazan et Frère, Tunisia. Early 20th century.

* Ushpizin V'Hakafot L'Simchat Torah, Feder Brothers Press. Lublin, no indication of date. Early 20th century.

Seder HaYom printed by David A. Amar.

Various sizes and conditions, overall fine condition.

Prayer Books