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Holy books, letters from Rabbis and Rebbes, Judaica, Maps, Periodicals, Postcards, banknotes, Eretz Israel and Zionism

May 3, 2017
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Dan Gottleib was a student in the Reali School in Haifa in 1971 and chose to write his end-of-year essay on Dr. Mengele. He asked a few noted politicians to help him with information that was not at his disposable, including Menachem Begin, David Ben Gurion, Noach Kliger - editor of Yediot Achronot, Minister of Justice Uzi Sivan, Dr. Bar Zohar and others. 

This is a file in which Dan preserved his correspondence with these personalities. It includes responses signed  by Menachem Began: "I know that some outstanding details regarding that two-legged beast named Dr. Mengele are in the hands of Mr. Tuvia Friedman, head of the Institute of Documentation of Nazi War to a meeting, I would be happy to keep it. But, for the next two weeks I have a lot of work, primarily on the background on the historic debate, which suddenly awoken within us...and I am soon to leave the country for the ..." [In addition to the interesting topic, one can appreciate Begin's modest manner that enabled him to share current political affairs with a young boy.]

In an additional response, Minister of Justice Uzi Sivan wrote: "in regards to the judicial perspective, I think that you should study the "Nazis and Nazi collaborators law". In all, you need to write your thesis, and not about the Minister of Justice..." Along with other letters on the subject.

Additionally includes original letters with the answers from various politicians, along with the complete thesis written with their input, printed by stencil, titled "Dr. Mengele, doctor of death in the Auschwitz camp." [1] 24, [3] pages, 27 cm.

This work profoundly influenced the Institute for Documentation in Haifa. They printed 120 copies that were distributed amongst research institutions, libraries, archives and schools in the country. This work is not in the National Library.