Winner's Auctions No. 111

Important Historic Documents, Haskalah, Einstein, Seforim, Manuscripts and Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes

December 11, 2018
Opening $600
Estimate $1,000 - $1,200

Excerpt from the book Diglei Ahavah V'Re'ach Sadeh, by Rabbi Avraham son of Shmuel Meyuchas, author of Sadeh Ha'aretz. Includes notes on Etz Chaim by Rabbi Chaim Vital. 18th century.

Rabbi Avraham son of Rabbi Shmuel Meyuchas [c. 1727 -1767] was among the rabbis of Jerusalem, and authored Sadeh Ha'aretz; responsa and sermons.
Refer to: Mechkarei Sefer [Jerusalem, 1958], pages 138-139.

[6] leaves, paper. Written on both sides of the leaf. Sephardic script. 20x16 cm. The manuscript begins with "Sha'ar l"ch Leah V'Rachel," including corrections and erasures, appears to be an autograph. These excerpts were not included in the printed edition (Jerusalem, Ahavat Shalom, 2003).

Moderate condition. The first page margins and leaves' corners are worn. Tear with lack on the outer top of the last page. Stains. Holes where the leaves were previously bound.

Kabbalistic Manuscripts