Auction No. 113

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Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

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"Dikduk Eliyahu, laws of grammar from the Gaon ... with my elucidation ... Tzvi Hirsch son of Menachem Nachum of Safed. I have already written practical halachah and explained the vowelization technique of R' Moshe HaNakdan, I have also explained the GR"A's elucidation according to the Ramba"m of 'Beit Satayim,' at the end of the book."

First edition of the book of grammar according to the GR"A. With the approbation of the GR"A's grandson, Rabbi Yaakov son of Rabbi Avraham son of the GR"A. Later editions of this were called Mishpitei HaLashon HaIvrit, but they do not include all the chapters in this work. The last page features geometric elucidations with sketches.

Unique copy: The title page in this copy is different than other title pages. It is listed by the Bibliography of the Hebrew Book #000110363 according to this very copy.

[2], 24, [2] leaves. 17 cm. Vinograd, Sifrei HaGR"A 866. Very fine condition, with binding in disrepair.

The Vilna Gaon and his Disciples