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Important Historic Documents, Haskalah, Einstein, Seforim, Manuscripts and Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes

December 11, 2018
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Bylaws of the Chevrat Yireim Kitzonim in Jerusalem. The bylaws were written in 1930 and were signed by 36 members. The bylaws reflect loyalty to the character of the "Yishuv HaYashan" in its full strength. For example, it prohibited sending children to schools that teach a national language; no woman has permission to wear a wig. Includes parallel loyalty to chassidic customs, such as immersing in the mikvah and women shaving their hair. It also includes many references to the format of the synagogue, how to properly honor it, the character of the prayer, and discussion of when to bring children to synagogue and how to supervise them. These are permanent bylaws that can not be changed, even by a majority of the members.

This community was founded by the righteous Rabbi Shmeul Deutsch who was a confidante of Rabbi David Biderman, the Admor of Lelov - Jerusalem. When he saw that the youth were drawn to the Zionist movement, he gathered a group of Torah students in an effort to block this drift. He placed them as a zealous front to oppose the modernization and secularization of the city. This group was called the "Kehal Adat Yireim" - chassidim, and were something of a chassidic Neturei Karta. [In fact, Rabbi Shmuel Deutschwas the one who influenced zealousness upon Rabbi Amram Blau.] This was one of the most prominent communities in the Yishuv HaYashan during those frenzied times. The group started in Batei Milner, but later moved to 57 Meah Shearim Street.

This is one of the first set of bylaws of this group,.

Signed by a distinguished list of 25 G-d fearing people, first among them [kabbalist] Rabbi Reuven Hazaz, Rabbi Yosef Chaim Schwartz, Rabbi Mordechai Yitzchak Samet, Rabbi Yisrael Eisner, Rabbi Yechiel [Berish] Blau, Rabbi Chaim Moshe Binyamin Goldstein, and finally Rabbi Yisrael Yitzchak Reisman, who was appointed adjudicator in the beit din of the Eidah HaCharedit in 1942.

These were apparently a draft of the bylaws that were written in a officially in a dignified manner in Nissan, 1930, when they were signed by Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld and his beit din. Later, in the month of Iyar, when the Minchat Elazar of Munkacs was in Jerusalem, he also added a few lines of admiration and appreciation for this holy group. [A photocopy of this official certificate is hanging in the Adat Yireim synagogue, today known as "Mishkanot HaRoim."]

[2] leaves. Ink on paper. 28x22 cm. Ashkenazic script.

Poor condition. Tears with slight loss. Aging stains. Reinforcing tape. All the text is legible, other than a few isolated words.

Important Historic Documents