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March 27, 2017
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Commentary on the Torah, on words and phrases unexplained by Rashi's commentary; and supercommentary on Rashi, where the Siftei Chachamim is insufficient, by Rabbi Yissacher Dov Litver.

Background: The author's father was from Wołkowysk, Lithuania - and that's why he's known as Litver. He was a schoolteacher in the villages of Szikszó and  Sajószentpéter in Hungary and authored the works: Ohel Yissacher, Da'at Yissacher, Iggeret Yissacher and Tila'ot HaMorim.

Specifications: [41] leaves. 18 cm. Missing a leaf from Parshat Bereishit. First edition.

Unique features: The book Chachmei Hungaria notes that this work was never printed in its entirety, and the two copies in the National Library are incomplete, ending with Parshat Balak (refer to p. 242, comment 15). However, this copy is complete (except one leaf), and concludes at the end of Parshat V'Zot HaBeracha.
Bound with: 1> Chiddushei Yitzchak ben Pinchas Berman, Koenigsberg c. 1850, without the map. 2> Retzon Yire'im, by Rabbi Chaim son of Simcha of Tytuvėnai, Vilna, 1859. 3> Bechinot Olam, Sudylkow, 1834. 4> Yesh Nochlin, Vienna, 1898, missing title page. 5> Mishlot Shu'alim, Lemberg, 1909.

Condition: Fine, other than aging stains and tears.