Auction No. 113

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Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

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Reishit Chochmah. Lemberg, 1877. Gifted in [1915], a year after he was appointed to the rabbinate in Sighet.

The endpaper bears a penciled notation [in Hebrew]: "This Reishit Chochmah was given to me by Rabbi ... of Sighet ... Chaim Tzvi ... shilt"a ... as a doron drasha [wedding present].

Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Teitelbaum, the Admor of Sighet, (1880-1926), "The great among giants, the glory of Israel, Admor HaRav HaGaon, the great, the holy, noted for his Torah and wisdom in all corners of the world ... Maran Chaim Tzvi Teitelbaum, Av Beit Din of Sighet and region" (quote from the title page of his book) was an outstanding genius and it was said that he never forgot anything he learned. He was one of the leading Admors in his generation and a leader of Hungarian Jewry. He taught hundreds of disciples and masses flocked to him.

He was born in 1880. His father was Rabbi Chananya Yom Tov Lipa Teitelbaum, author of the Kedushat Yom Tov and son of the author of Yitav Lev. He was the son-in-law of Rabbi Shalom Eliezer Halberstam of Ratzfert, son of Rabbi Chaim of Sanz. In 1904, he succeeded his father in the Sighet rabbinate and in the Chassidic court - at merely 24 years old. He suffered a cerebral hemorrhage when he was with his followers in Kleinwardein and passed away in 1926 at only 46 years of age. His works on the Talmud, Torah and festivals are called Atzei Chaim.

85, 147 leaves. 21 cm. Moderate-fine condition. Aging stains. Two holes through the entire book. Not bound.

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