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Eretz Israel and Zionism, Anti-Semitsm, Holocaust and Sheerit Hapleta, Postcards and Photographs, Posters, Maps, Judaica, Seforim, Manuscripts, Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes

January 21, 2019
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Eight maps depicting the journeys of the Children of Israel, the entrance into the Land and its tribal division - etches. Various etches, 18-19th centuries.

The Forty Years of Travels of the Children of Israel out of Egypt through the Red Sea and the Wilderness into Canaan, or the Land of Promise - map of the Land of Israel from east to west including the Children of Israel's route from Egypt to the Land of Israel. 28x48 cm.

* Nafthali - map depicting the tribe of Naftali's portion with indications of the tribe of Levi's location, partially hand-painted. 31x38 cm.

Ephraim - map depicting the tribe of Ephraim's portion integrated with various biblical scenes: the miracle of the splitting of the Jordan and the Children of Israel crossing it, Moshe on Mount Abarim, Elisha's chariot and more. 31x36 cm.

Confina Palestina Orientem - regional map of Ammon, Moab and Midian with indications of the tribal inheritances. 31x37 cm.

Paradis Terrestre - map depicting the center of the Land of Israel with the tribal divisions. 42x47 cm.

* Map depicting the Gilad area, partially hand-painted. 36x32 cm.

* Map depicting the center of the Land of Israel, partially hand-painted. On the right, there is a nice cartouche of an angel riding a horse. 32x36 cm.

* Map depicting the Galilee area with the locations of the tribal inheritances. 30x36 cm.

Overall very fine condition.