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In response to a letter expressing hostility toward Einstein's friend Hermann Struck, Einstein adds five handwritten lines and sends the letter directly to Struck.

In these lines, Einstein warns his friend about what is to come, and makes a sarcastic comment about Struck's personality.

The three personages connected with this letter were part of the League of Nations: Einstein was a member of the International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation, serving on behalf of the League of Nations, then leaving it and subsequently returning. Struck served as a representative of the Jews of Lithuania and Latvia at the Versailles Conference after WWI. Pierre Comert (1880-1964) was a French journalist and diplomat who served as administrator of the League of Nation's Information division.

Transcript of the letter:


Prof. Dr. A. Einstein                                       Berlin W, 30.  17.7.22
                                                                      Haserlandstrasse 8
Dear Sir,
Mr. Struck sent me a copy of the letter which was addressed to you, concerning my statement.
His letter corresponds to our discussion, in the sense of the meaning.  But he, nevertheless, subconsciously exaggerated in some points of my information.  My joining the commission did not give occasion to any criticism, which would have come to my ears, but I recognized the facts which were described in the letter, in a more indirect way.  The situation is such here that a Jew does well to exercise restraint in all public matters.  [Emphasis mine, D. D.] I also have to confess that I don't have any desire to represent people who would certainly not vote for me as a representative, and those with whose considered questions in this present case I do not agree.  There is no question about any hostile attitude on the part of the local intellectuals towards me.  Here, the temperament of my friend Struck got the better of him. 
                                                                                                                Yours faithfully,
Mr. Pierre Comert
at this time in London
(Einstein's handwritten comment appears here in the margins):
Dear Mr. Struck!
I found it necessary to send this letter, because otherwise new disaster and evil gossip would erupt.  You will certainly understand.
Your temperament is in "Strubenhaeuptling"  (Chief of the Struben)
Best wishes and greetings,
A. Einstein
[1] leaf, 22x28 cm. The letter is typewritten, with Einstein's handwriting and signature at the end. Fine condition. Tiny holes from the acidity of the ink.
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