Auction 120

Special Auction

3rd March 2020

Tuesday, Mar 3, 19:00 (Israel time)

 3 Shatner Center 1st Floor Givat Shaul Jerusalem

Opening $ 2,000
Estimate $ 3,000 - $ 4,000

Letter of request from those who stand in the house of G-d at the grave site of the G-dly tanna Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, may his merit protect us. Safed, 1773.

The Safed sages are making this request due to the burden of 10,000 grush debts and other debts totaling 12,000 grush. They write about the tzaddik Rabbi Massoud Bonan who traveled from there, and since then the debts and problems have increased, and he helped them and  then traveled from there to Sidon, and he agreed to go back, and now they are sending him with this emissary's letter to the Modena community; it is a matter of redemption of captives. 1773.

Approximately ten Safed rabbis are signed on it, including:

Rabbi Natan son of the belated Rabbi Levi, ztz" l; Rabbi Avraham son of Yosef HaLevi; Rabbi Eliyahu Prag" i(?), S" T; Rabbi Yeudah Lavi, S" T; Rabbi Yehoshaphat Birdugo, S" T; Rabbi Avraham Abegil(?), S" T.

[1] double leaf paper. 32x21. Fine condition. Minimal aging stains. Tiny holes.

Letters and Documents of Missions